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The future of the internet is videos. As web connectivity spreads, more people on the web expect to see videos, and not just graphics. Besides, having a youtube video is one of the fastest ways to improve your google rankings.

So why are you not on YouTube yet?

What you will receive

  • 720p HD video of approximately 1 minute duration as an mp4 file. Will contain high end visual effects, smooth transitions and studio recorded background music.

  • Uploading to your youtube account (if you wish)
  • Code to embed on your website so that the video plays directly on your website. If you host with us, we will embed this for free. Or you can give the code to your hosting company and they'll embed it for you.


What you have to do

  • Click the order video button on the right and make the payment

  • Send us 10 to 15 of your pictures
  • Optional : Send us 5 description sentences (each of 40 characters max).

1 video : Rs.18,800 ($ 343 USD approx)

I agree to the terms of use
2 videos : Rs.29,000 ($ 529 USD approx)
Limited offer : Get your logo 3D animated for free when you order 2 videos!

I agree to the terms of use




See video samples below  



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